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We have developed a chemistry and biology technology platform that enables the discovery of highly differentiated metalloenzyme inhibitors across a broad range of therapeutic applications. We refer to our proprietary platform as the MIDAS technology (Metalloenzyme Inhibitor Design And Synthesis). Our core expertise comprises a deep understanding of over 120 potential metalloenzyme targets, proprietary computer-based design tools and a library of unique metal-binding groups (MBG).

Metalloenzymes are distinguished from other enzymes in that they contain a metal, such as iron or zinc, at the core of the enzyme active site. The metal has frequently been a target for pharmaceutical intervention, and approximately 10% of all marketed drugs act by inhibiting metalloenzymes.

We improve upon existing therapies through a two-step process. Using the MIDAS technology we design inhibitors that contain novel MBG that deliver a high degree of selectivity for the desired metalloenzyme target, while maintaining high target potency. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver candidates with clinically relevant improvements in therapeutic index; which may provide for both superior safety and efficacy profiles compared to existing therapies.