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Our MIDAS technology is a powerful chemistry and biology technology that enables the discovery of highly differentiated metalloenzyme inhibitors. The technology is broadly applicable to numerous metalloenzymes across multiple and diverse therapeutic areas.

We have focused our initial drug discovery and development efforts on fungal CYP51, a clinically validated metalloenzyme target. Fungal CYP51 is the target of the azole class of antifungals, the most widely prescribed and commercially successful class of antifungals. In selecting this target, we leveraged the fact that the azoles suffer to varying degrees by a common set of safety issues, which we believed could be traced to a common structural liability that could be addressed through our MIDAS technology. This approach yielded our clinical-stage compounds VT-1161 and VT-1129, our late-stage preclinical compound VT-1598, and our early-stage preclinical programs focused on hospital-based invasive fungal infections, oncology and orphan diseases.